For a full year the Casino was a success giving the best experience to guests, inside and outside Macedonia. Frequented by almost all the regional countries improving every day.

Always working on the guests, always at their disposal Casino FlaminGo Skopje is settled at the heart of Skopje

The casino is divided in 4 floors (Ground floor, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor) offering a great reception of our guests and not only…

The ground floor is surrounded by Slot machines and accommodating bar and a beautiful small stage were party nights are fulfilled with music and entertainment celebrations and lots of lottery events.

Followed by the first floor which is accompanied by Slot machines a VIP area also a bar, second floor which has an amazing big bar that you can enjoy during your casino stay, third floor an amazing view, a lounge, table games and a VIP area for the table games.